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What Size Urn?

#mypetsashes scatter tube range for pets
Scatter tube range for pets

Knowing which size of urn can seem difficult but there is a simple way to work it out. Almost all urns are measured in cubic inches, this will be the total capacity. If you know roughly how much your pet weighed in pounds its easy to transfer this into cubic inches. For example if your pet weighed 50 pounds, you would need an urn that is 50 cubic inches or larger, if they weighed 20 pounds, you would need an urn that is 20 cubic inches or larger and so on. If you are slightly unsure you can always get an urn that is larger, having extra space inside is absolutely fine.

Keepsake urns are also available where only a small amount of ashes is kept in the urn, a few tablespoons or less which can be discreetly kept in the home after scattering the remainder of the ashes.


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