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Pet Crematorium permission – Not in My Backyard!

Pet Crematorium Permission

Pet Crematorium Permission – Not in My Backyard!

Pet Crematorium permission, we need it but not next-door to me! A Council in Southern Australia has recently approved permission for a pet crematorium but people wanting to use it may have trouble finding it.

The Council voted to allow a Pet Cremation company to turn an old warehouse into a crematorium. Three people wrote objections to the council during the public consultation period raising concerns.  These were health concerns, property’s being devalued and extra traffic.

The plan was approved once the company’s owner, agreed to remove the words ‘pet crematorium’ from the front signage. He said:

“I appreciate what the objectors have said and I understand people are not comfortable with something they are unfamiliar with and pet cremation is something a lot of people have not had an experience with.

“All I can do is assure people that we will do things the right way — it is in our business interests to do things the right way.”


This is a really important concern. How well regulated are Pet Crematoria? If we can regulate them effectively we can improve things for everyone. Local residents will be happy that any emissions are safe. And pet owners will be happy that their beloved pets are cremated properly. With more than 50% of pets being cremated it’s vital we do this right.

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