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Bespoke Glass Pet Memorials – Pets Ashes into Glass Portrait

bespoke glass pet memorials

Bespoke Glass Pet Memorials

Bespoke Glass Pet Memorials – Pets Ashes into Glass Portrait. When you return home from the pet crematorium with your beloved pet’s ashes it can feel pretty daunting. So often the bluebell scatter tube will sit on the side until you can bear to do something with it.  But what? Many people will opt to bury the ashes in the garden or scatter them in a favourite place or daily walk. But there are so many other really beautiful ways that you can remember your family friend.

Talented Artists

We’ve been working with the extremely talented Rena for the last four years and we think she’s amazing. An accomplished horsewoman she runs a livery and her love of horses and all her other pets absolutely shines through her work.

Inspired by cave paintings Rena will use an image of your pet along with their ashes to create kiln formed glass which she then adds colour and texture using a variety of techniques. She can turn your pets’s ashes into most shapes and sizes.

Pets Ashes into Glass horse dog cat
Pets Ashes into Glass: Galloping Horse Wall Sculpture
pets ashes into glass horse equine dog
Pets Ashes into Glass: Galloping Horse Glass Sculpture
#mypetsashes ashes into glass
Pets Ashes into Glass: Dog Leaded Glass Portrait

Contact the Artist

If you are interested in creating a beautiful pet memorial simply fill in the form below and Rena will contact you directly:

[contact_form email=”info@scattering-ashes.co.uk, admin@scattering-ashes.co.uk, renathehag@hotmail.co.uk” subject=”MPA Hagg Hill Glass Enquiry”]

4 thoughts on “Bespoke Glass Pet Memorials – Pets Ashes into Glass Portrait

  1. Reply
    kelly WEBSTER - December 13, 2018

    Hi there,

    Are you able to create a glass sculpture of a German shepherd dog with ashes encased?

    Many thanks

    1. Reply
      Karen Martin - December 21, 2018

      Dear Kelly
      Thank you for your email. I’m afraid this is not something that are currently able to offer although I will ask our artists if there is anyone they can think of who might be able to help you and I will get back to you. Warmest wishes Karen

      1. Reply
        Penny Corrigan - January 7, 2021

        I have just lost my pony and would like to have a memorial with his ashes. The glass horses are beautiful. Could you give me a price please to create one of my pony. Thank you

        1. Reply
          Karen Martin - January 11, 2022

          Hi Penny, did you get my email to you about this, I can’t see a response?

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