Transporting Pet Ashes

Transporting Pet Ashes

Transporting Pet Ashes. Need to send pet ashes abroad? Need the ashes repatriating? Need ashes transporting within the UK?

Our courier company can be used to transport cremated pet remains around the UK, abroad or returning them to the UK.

We offer a courier service for the UK, Europe and the rest of the World and you should find the whole process, including the completion of relevant documentation, fairly simple.

With your help we will fill out any necessary paperwork. We keep all of your details and information completely private and confidential. Normally transporting the ashes is door to door.

To make an enquiry or for a quote please fill in the order form below and we will contact you directly:


Note: this service is not provided by My Pets Ashes we use a courier company and other providers are available.

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