Jensen Style Memorial Ring

  • Handmade here in Devon, England
  • Finest quality 925 Silver.
  • Ashes sealed inside the dome
  • Gift wrapping available.





Pet Ashes Ring – Jensen Memorial Ring

Silver Pet Ashes Ring, the Jensen Memorial Ring. We have designed this with an amazingly talented local jeweller. The 925 Silver or Gold Ring has a hollow inner section which is filled with a small amount of of your beloved pet’s ashes, this is then securely sealed setting their ashes into a discreet and elegant silver memorial ring.


Ring size – to fit you

Depth of setting – 4mm

Diameter of setting – 21mm x 15mm

Ordering an Ashes Ring

As soon as you place your order we will be sent a pack with everything you need, including a ring-sizer, to send a small amount of ashes to us. We will email you confirmation that the ashes have arrived safely.
The ashes will be handmade into a gorgeous and unique memorial ring with a small amount of ashes set into the inner hollow oval.
As soon as your ring is ready we will send it to you in a pretty presentation box. The whole process usually takes between 8 to 10 weeks from receipt of ashes.

Gift Voucher

If you have an urgent request why not consider a gift voucher instead? We can send a gift voucher in a beautiful card as a next day item (as long as you order before 2pm).

How your Ashes Birthstone Ring is made

The jeweller hand makes each ring using only the highest quality 925 Silver. The ashes are set into the hollow silver oval and then securely sealed.

Caring for your ashes to silver jewellery

Each ring is tested and can withstand an admirable amount of bashing and general wear and tear. We cannot guarantee it won’t break although the jeweller does test them thoroughly.

As it is hollow it might scratch over time but we think this adds to it’s unique charm.

Click this link for more information about caring for cremation jewellery


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