Return to Nature – Living Memorial Urn for Pets

  • Unique design.
  • Beautiful symbolism.
  • Made from sustainable materials.
  • Next day delivery
  • Patented features


Return to Nature – Living Urn for Pets

Return to Nature. This product comes from the USA and is a great addition to our range of burying ashes in the garden and growing a plant or tree.

The urn is designed to grow any sort of plants, flower tree or rose shrub. This is lovely way to remember your pet by.

What is included:

  • Patented BioUrn
  • RootProtect – Proprietary Ash Agent (counters natural properties of cremated remains that can make growing difficult for a plant)
  • Aged wood chip
  • Beautiful Handmade Bamboo Planting urn case
  • Instructions

Features of the Return to Nature Living Urn

  • All in one system
  • Lovely design and presentation
  • Creates wonderful memories
  • Can be used in a ceremony
  • Portable and robust case

Planting a tree or plant with your beloved pets ashes is a lovely way to symbolise rebirth and the tree will give you something to look at, reminisce and admire for years.

Where can I plant a memorial tree?

  • You will need the landowners permission to plant a tree. If that is your garden then that is not a problem. Otherwise get permission before planting.
  • Private land may not stay within the same ownership. If the landowner changes visiting may be restricted or prevented.
  • Make sure the landscape and location are suitable – what will the size be when it is fully grown? Planting a large tree near a building may impact the foundations.

Planting a memorial tree

When to plant a memorial tree you can read our blog post: Best time of year to plant your pet memorial tree

Site Preparation and Planting

  • Mix the ashes with soil, the instructions are on the side of the tin, you can do this in advance.
  • For best planting guidelines we refer you to the Royal Horticulture Society Guide to Planting Trees
  • Aftercare for a tree, this guide is very useful – Tree Aftercare


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