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Rainbow Paw Scatterpod: Biodegradable Pet Ashes Scattering Solution

Discover the Rainbow Paw Scatterpod, a beautifully crafted, biodegradable container designed to make pet ashes scattering both practical and dignified. This eco-friendly Scatterpod is perfect for those wishing to commemorate their cherished pet by scattering ashes in a beloved spot or keeping them safely at home. The vibrant rainbow design symbolizes your pet’s journey over the Rainbow Bridge, adding a meaningful touch to the farewell.

Product Features:

  • Rectangular Shape: Efficiently designed with a ‘V’ shaped opening for easy ash pouring.
  • Biodegradable Material: Ensures an environmentally respectful ceremony. Please compost after use.
  • Available Sizes: (Not all sizes available in every design)

The design is rectangular and the ashes pour from the  ‘v’ shape opening in the corner.

Our Scatterpod Sizes

(please note not all sizes are available in each design, available sizes shown in bold)

Mini (Keepsake)10.3cm / 4″3.9cm / 1.5″115ml / 7 cub InToken & small pets
Large27.6cm / 10.9″10.4cm / 4.1″2.3 lt / 140 cub InCat or dog (average sized)

For information about the legalities of scattering your pet’s ashes please see our advice page.

For more information about pet bereavement and how to have an ashes ceremony you might like our short video.

Pet Bereavement

For guidance on the legal aspects of scattering your pet’s ashes, and for tips on managing pet bereavement, visit our advice page. We also offer a free 12-step Pet Bereavement Programme, designed to help you through the grieving process with nurturing advice and practical steps.

Explore more about pet bereavement and how to conduct an ashes ceremony through our informative video and blog posts. For detailed delivery information, please click here.

Each Rainbow Paw Scatterpod order includes a comprehensive guide to pet bereavement, ensuring you have support every step of the way as you honour the memory of your beloved pet.

For Delivery information please click here

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