Rainbow Bridge Petals

Rainbow Bridge Petals.

Make your ceremony special.

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Rainbow Bridge Petals

Our Rainbow Bridge Petals are a wonderful combination of beautiful rose and delphinium petals. They will make any pet ashes ceremony a truly memorable event.

The petals are natural so will biodegrade quickly with no impact on the environment. Just like a petal that falls from a rose in the garden.

They add a lovely touch to any ceremony, throw a few whilst scattering or give everyone a handful to join in the scattering.

The ceremony petals come in packs of one litre each, each pack provides approximately five handfuls.

Rainbow Bridge Petals include:

  • Red Roses:         True love
  • Yellow Roses:    Joy, friendship
  • Pink Roses:        Grace, happiness
  • White Roses:     Simple beauty, elegance
  • Purple Delphinium:    Infinite possibility

These are an ideal accompaniment to an ashes ceremony.

Pet Ashes Ceremony

Petals are ideal for a water ceremony as they will float on the surface of the water and move with the ashes until they dissolve into the water.. The petal will then slowly drift away allowing a few words to be said or a moments pause for reflection.

You can also use them in a burial ceremony. You can scatter a few handfuls either on top of the ashes or the soil. It will add a nice bit of colour to the event.

Rainbow Bridge Petals are completely environmentally friendly. No dyes have been added the Ceremony Flower Petals so they will breakdown down naturally in the environment leaving no trace.

For more information of the symbolism of flower here is a helpful piece on Wikipedia – flower symbolism

Pet Bereavement

We have lots of help and advice for anyone who is coping with the loss of a pet. For more information click here.

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