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Grow a tree from the ashes of your pet.


Pet Tree Urn

The Pet Tree Urn is a brilliant choice if you want to bury your pet’s ashes in the garden. It is 100% biodegradable so will gradually break down in the soil releasing your pets ashes into the garden. It is made from a mixture of organic compos and natural plant extracts.

We can supply you with a choice of tree seed – Oak, Copper Beech, Norway Maple or Ginkgo. To be honest I struggle to grow anything from seed so I prefer to use a tree sapling to ensure that something definitely grows. I find it too upsetting to think about my lack of gardening skills ruining my pet memorial.


Height Width Capacity Suitability
Standard 220mm 220mm 3 ltrs Larger dogs and pets
Small 150mm 150mm 0.75 ltrs Small dogs, cats and other small pets

You can then wait for the tree to grow and it will always be a very special place in your garden. I think being able to grow w life from my pet’s ashes it a miraculous circle of life thing.

For more information about burying your pets ashes click here

Pet Bereavement

We have lots of helpful advice for dealing with the loss of a pet, see our pet bereavement advice here. You can also sign up for our 12 step Pet Bereavement Guide.

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