Pet Garden Memorial Urn: Stone Fir Cone

Pet Memorial Garden Urn – Fir Cone™

      • Reconstituted Bath Stone
      • Holds one set of ashes
      • Can come with you if you need to move house
      • Covered by our Satisfaction Guarantee


Pet Garden Memorial Urn: Stone Fir Cone

Garden Memorial Urn – Stone Fir Cone. Do you want to keep your beloved pet’s ashes in your garden? We can provide a stone fir cone shaped urn, that is able to hold a full set of ashes securely and discreetly.

They are handmade from reconstituted Portland stone by craftsmen here in the UK. Exclusive to My Pet’s Ashes.

The unique design makes a subtle garden memorial, which is discreet yet dignified. Because the urn is made from natural stone this will mean that it will weather gradually exactly the same as natural stone. It will blend into its surroundings creating a lasting feature.


Height: Approximately 55cm / just under 2ft

Diameter: 30cm / 15in

Weight: Approximately 48Kg

Each Garden Memorial Urn comes with a water-tight container which suitable for the ashes of one pet.

Keeping ashes in the garden

We are a nation of gardeners. Many pets would love to be placed to rest in the garden that they loved, nurtured and enjoyed.  The main downside to simply burying the ashes in the garden is if you come to move. If the house ever sold you will have to find and dig the ashes up or leave them behind, both outcomes are stressful. By keeping them inside an ornament in the garden not only do you get to put your loved one in the place that they loved, but if you do ever need to move home you can simply take them with you.

The other benefit of a memorial garden ornament is that it is completely discreet. This will give you more time to decide what you want to do as your feelings may change over time. Until then these urns can keep the ashes safely at home without you having to explain your reasons to anyone, if someone admires the keepsake it is up to you whether you tell them or not.

Due to the shape and size there is no need to secure the memorial garden urn to the ground, it is hollow to hold the urn.


Due to the weight of these the price excludes delivery. 

Estimated Pallet delivery costs*
AreaEstimated Price
South West£55.00
Central England£61.00
South East (excl. Central London)£65.00
Central London£87.00
Northern England£78.00
Wales (CF, NP, HR, SY postcodes)£61.00
Wales (LL postcodes)£78.00
Wales (SA & LD postcodes)£87.00
Southern Scotland£87.00
For Highlands and Islands please contact us for a quote
*please note these prices are estimates and we will provide an exact quote upon request/when an order is placed

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