Mini Quartz Floating Ball Urn

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The Mini Quartz Floating Ball Urn

These urns are 100% biodegradable: designed for a token ashes water burial. Made of clay and a plant-based gelatin, they dissolve completely in water.

This Mini Quartz Floating Ball urn will make any water burial ceremony dignified and memorable. They are made of sand and a plant based gel and are designed to float for few minutes, sink and dissolve completely in water, releasing the ashes into the water.

The ashes are put into a specifically designed dissolvable bag, that is then placed inside the urn. To seal the urn you will need some adhesive glue (supplied) to put around the bottom half and then place the top half on top and leave to set.

They are designed to float for a while. The length of time they will float is variable.  It is down to the weight of the ashes, the water conditions and the height from which the urn is dropped. As the urn is only designed for small pets or a token amount of ashes of a larger pet it is likely if gently placed on the water it will float for a few minutes. The urn will then fill with water through holes in the bottom of the urn and then submerge.

The urn will stand a much better chance of floating if placed as opposed to dropped into the water. If you do drop them, they won’t break on the surface of the water, but may sink straight away. We know because we have tested them from around 25ft/7m.

As there are no animal products used in the gelatin bonding agent, as such they are ideal for pet ceremonies.

Capacity and Dimensions

Volume under 1 litres – this is suitable for the ashes of one small pet or a token amount of a larger pet.

Ashes water ceremony

Water burials are a very dignified way to conduct a ashes ceremony – you can cast petals, put last words on our promises noteletsOr if appropriate you can use our natural floating biodegradable candle, made of beeswax and coconut shell to make a memorable occasion.

They are also suitable for land burial as moisture in the soil will help the urn to biodegrade.

Quartz floating ball urn packing and delivery

Each urn is in robust custom protective packaging that is both convenient and discreet transporting. The box (and urn) will pass through airport security screenings. It can fit in the overhead compartment of most commercial airliners.

These items are generally in stock and can be shipped quickly.



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