Low Noise Pet Fireworks – Spirit in the sky


Low Noise Pet Fireworks

Our Low Noise Pet Fireworks are completely silent which means that you can have a fantastic and memorable display without upsetting other pets. Everyone loves the colours lighting up the sky and the superb display of sparkling shots across the

Pet Memorial Fireworks

Low noise pet fireworks are made by our chosen pyrotechnic experts. They make a firework box or ‘cake’ that will scatter up to 200g of your beloved pets ashes into the air over 100 feet and produce a stunning display.

It is a lower-noise multi-shot firework perfect for the delicate ears of our furry companions.  Incorporating a selection of stunning effects, including red and green falling leaves, colourful tiger tails, flying fish to white strobe waterfalls and brocade crown horsetail.

How long will my pet memorial firework last?

This tribute firework has a duration of approximately 2 minutes and will light up the skies for your loved one.

You only light one fuse and the firework is like a mini display.

How our pyrotechnics make your pet memorial firework.

We work with highly trained and experienced firework professionals who show the utmost dignity and respect at all times during the process.  From the receipt of ashes to the final sealing of the firework, a stringent control and logging process is observed*.

There is a tribute label which can have a personal message added if you wish. Traditionally it says “In loving memory of ………” but it could have an inspirational quote, poem, nickname or even something funny that was personal to you and your beloved pet.

You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

The price includes a specialist courier to send the fireworks to you, there is a small additional charge to send 200g of ashes to the manufacturer.

Please allow 12-15 working days from receipt of ashes for delivery (This may be longer during busy periods such as bonfire night and New Years). Once purchased you will be sent out a specialist ashes pack to separate 200g of your beloved pets ashes to be sent on to the firework manufacturer. 

Memorial pet fireworks in your garden

Our pet fireworks make your pets memorial ceremony a real occasion, a way to mark life well lived.

These fireworks arrive to your home in an easy-to-use box with just one fuse. So when you are ready you can simply light the fuse, stand back and celebrate the love they gave.

And the best bit? Your other pets can join in too, no hiding indoors with classical music. A light display to delight ALL the family.


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