Comfort Pebble – Ribbon

  • Keepsake for a small amount of ashes
  • Handmade Glass in Somerset
  • Each one is unique
  • Tactile and comforting
  • Range of colours



A Comfort Pebble in glass is simply gorgeous. Each one is hand blown in Somerset by highly skilled artisans.

The glass comfort stone is designed so that you can keep some of your pet’s ashes close by. A small hole in the back and stopper allows you to securely retain their ashes. You can reach out and hold it whenever you need a little solace and comfort.

Choose from a range stardust colours that sparkle in the light or our sky pebble.

Comforting to hold.

Each piece will sit comfortably in your hands, providing comfort and closeness. They were inspired by pebbles on the beach. Pebbles are so tactile.

Each pebble comes in a beautiful presentation box.


Approximate size of each pebble is 10 x 8 x 3 cm and weighs 25g (before any ashes are placed inside)

Keeping some of your pet’s ashes

Many people like to keep their loved pets ashes at home. Perhaps you are not sure what to do with them yet. You might not feel ready to do something with them right now. Or you simply want to keep them close by, with you at home.  Sometimes, very well meaning, friends will give advice such as ‘it’s time to move on’ or ‘you’ll feel better if you scatter/bury them’. But only you will know how you feel with the loss of your pet, your pal, your best friend. And only you will know when and if the time is right to do something else with their ashes.

A keepsake urn will let you keep a small amount of ashes with you forever or until you want to do something else. You may decide to have some jewellery or a glass ornament at a later date. I just simply want to hang on to a little bit of my April always.

This will give you more time to decide what you want to do as your feelings may change over time. Until then these urns can keep the ashes safely at home without you having to explain your reasons to anyone, if someone admires the keepsake it is up to you whether you tell them or not.

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Amber Flow, Aqua Blue, Rainbow, Double Blue, Aqua Brown, Orange Green, Purple Pink, Turquoise Green


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