Pet Ashes into Diamonds

Did you know genuine Diamonds can be made from mane or tail hair? All diamonds are simply carbon. What better way could you celebrate the life of your beloved friend than with a memorial diamond.


Pet ashes into diamonds

Pet ashes into diamonds. Diamonds are made of carbon and both your pets ashes and their hair or fur are also rich in carbon and can be made into exquisite diamonds that can be incorporated into a completely discreet item of memorial jewellery such as a ring, earrings or broach.

A diamond, symbol for everlasting love and loyalty, legendary and fascinating. A diamond is cultivated solely out of endogenous carbon extracted from ashes, hair or feathers of your loyal companion, eternalizing the exceptional uniqueness of your beloved companion.
Regardless of the emotion leading you to choose a diamond, it transforms the feelings beyond words into reality. Wear it with joy of something exceptional, choose your exclusive giŌ or keep the memory in a unique manner

Setting your pet ashes diamond into jewellery

We can also arrange to have your diamond set by one of Devon’s leading jewellers, Richard will work with you to design a ring, necklace, bracelet or cufflinks for your memorial diamond, a lasting memory and a truly unique heirloom.

Your personal diamond is cultivated solely out of the carbon extracted from the handed over ashes, hair, feathers of your companion animal.

In order to preserve the uniqueness of your diamond, we do not add carbon from other sources.

For your diamond we need at least 5 grams of coat respectively plumage or 300 grams of cremation ashes (equivalent to approximately 10-kilogram live weight). If you have not enough, there are different ways to realize the growth of your diamond:

  • The combination e. g. of fur and ashes
  • Adding carbon extracted from individual second sources e. g. favorite toy or the collar of your pet
  • Combination of different ashes or hair samples
  • Adding some of your own hair strands

The base of our transient life – carbon – turns into a diamond. Unique and eternal. Diamond is the only man-made gemstone deriving from endogenous organic elements.

How is your pet diamond grown?

A natural diamond is generated from the carbon of volcano ashes – about 200 km below the earth’s surface at very high temperature and very high pressure over a very long period. We simulate these conditions – at approx. 60.000 bar and approx. 1.400 Grad Celsius and let
the cultivation grow in a fast motion process.

The process is divided in different phases:

  • Inter alia, the Analysis (1),
  • Extraction of basic elements (2),
  • Growth (3) and
  • Finishing (4).

We use methods exclusively  developed for this process. Your  diamond develops in a special growth environment – atom by atom, polished and engraved, according to your own desire.

Our vow

We guarantee a carbon content of your personal a diamond above 99,9 percent and that the carbon derives exclusively out of your individual carbon source. We add no foreign carbon from any other source.

The colour of your pet diamond

You determine the base color – the definite tint of your personal pet diamond depends on the individual carbon source handed over to us and on the individual growth process.

The cut of your pet diamond

Whether you prefer a raw diamond, brilliant, emerald, princess or another cut, the decision is yours.




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