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Pet memorial jewellery what type is best for me?

pet memorial jewellery

Pet memorial jewellery what type is best for me?

Choosing which type of pet memorial jewellery is best for you will depend on a few factors:

  • Do you want to send the ashes to a jeweller?
  • How quickly do you want or need it? Is it a present?
  • Do you want to see the ashes?
  • Do you want it handmade in Devon?

There are a few different ways to enclose your beloved pet’s ashes forever into a piece of jewellery. This guide will take you through the different options so that you can choose which option is best for you and your beloved pets ashes.

Ashes into Silver or Gold

Silver Pet Ashes Ring
Jensen Memorial Ring in 925 Silver

Some jewellers can put a small amount of ashes into the silver during the making process. They can gradually add it to your design as each piece is individually handmade.

We are working closely with a jeweller here in Devon to design a range of memorial pet jewellery with hollow cavities. The jeweller can put your pet’s ash inside the piece of jewellery and then securely cold seal it. Our first design has just been launched and I know we’re biased but we love it! The beautiful Silver ring can also be engraved which adds another lovely personal touch to it. More designs coming soon.

Ashes within Glass

silver cufflinks
Ashes in Glass Cufflinks Range

There are several glassmakers making items where the ashes are sealed inside glass or resin. This is ideal if you would like a little colour injected into the design. They put a tiny amount of ashes into the glass whilst it is hot, either using a lampwork technique or by creating moulds.

Lampwork Beads: We have a Pandora Bead which is pretty and fits any Pandora bracelet. We have these available in a wide range of colours and can also match a bespoke colour to reflect your pets identity.

Glass Moulds: We have a range of glass jewellery with fabulous pops of bright colour that we are able to offer and we have ear studs, pendants and cufflinks in this range.

We work with some of the best and most talented jewellers here at My Pets Ashes, people who really understand what it is like to suffer pet loss. We’ve worked with them to come up with some great designs that are both beautiful, discreet, and secure.

Our memorial jewellery between 6 to 8 weeks to handmake and when complete we will send it to you in a beautiful presentation box with a certificate of authenticity so that you can rest assured that your pet’s ashes have been enclosed into the jewellery. If there are any ashes remaining these will also be returned to you.

Silver or Vermeil Jewellery with ashes kits

pet cremation jewellery
Silver and Gold Hollow Pet Cremation Jewellery Range

All of our silver and vermeil gold pendants and bracelets come with a kit so that you can safely transfer and seal the ashes in the comfort of your home. Many of the designs can be engraved. They are a reasonably priced option and can be delivered next day. They are also great for a gift and comes in a gorgeous presentation box.

So which jewellery is best for me?

I want to see the ashes

If you want to be able to see the ashes then choosing a glass piece in a light colour is a good option. The jeweller will try to get as much ash into the piece but ashes are as unique as the pet and sometimes they show up really well and other times they don’t. Each piece of handmade jewellery comes with a certificate so that you know the ashes are inside.

I don’t want to see the ashes

If you don’t want to see the ashes then choosing a darker colour or one of the silver or gold designs is a good idea. They are wonderfully discreet and then it is up to you whether you tell anyone what’s inside. Many designs can also be engraved.

My lifestyle

Choose a design that will suit your lifestyle. Are you a keen swimmer? We do recommend taking the jewellery off before swimming but this is standard for any jewellery, please see our caring for jewellery blog post. Having said all that I wear my silver ashes ring every day and only take it off to clean occasionally whereas I wear one of the silver love pendants and take that off every night.

How you treat the jewellery as any chain/clasp/charm can break even with normal use. We do use the highest quality fittings with all our jewellery as we know that our customers will want to wear their jewellery as often as possible.

Whatever you choose it will mean that you have a little bit of your beloved pet with you whenever you need them and that will always be so special!


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4 thoughts on “Pet memorial jewellery what type is best for me?

  1. Reply
    Tracey Wiseman - July 15, 2020

    Hi can you use fur instead of ashes pls

    1. Reply
      Richard Martin - October 7, 2020

      Dear Rachael – sorry about we have had a fault on the website and comments were not showing – fur can be used in some items what were you thinking of?

  2. Reply
    Karen kitchen - August 11, 2018

    I am looking for something for my husband to have as a keepsake with our pets ashes in isn’t really a jewellery person and was thinking of a key ring . Would that be possible for you to do.


    1. Reply
      Hannah - August 16, 2018

      Hi Karen
      We are always happy to look into bespoke designs. If you could please send through an image(s) of the type of piece you are looking for we can speak with our artisans to find out if this is something they can do for you. Please email us at hello@mypetsashes.co.uk
      Kind regards

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