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Pet Loss Card

Pet Loss Card - sympathy cards for pet loss

Pet Loss Card – sending them your love in their time of need.

A pet loss card is such a wonderful way to show you care. It can be really hard sometimes to say the ‘right thing’ when a friend or family member is grieving the loss of their pet. Sometimes we hold back because we don’t want to say the wrong thing. But here’s the thing, there is no ‘right way’, just your way. If your words come from a good heart then they will appreciate it however they come out.

Sympathy cards for friends who have lost a pet.

You’d be surprised about how many messages I get every week from wonderful friends who are asking for advice on behalf of their friends. They really want to help and to be able to give good advice. That’s what friends are for and I’d like to thank each and every one of them. They ‘get’ the impact of losing a pet. They understand what an amazing family member a pet is, the love they give, the joy they bring, the hole that is left when they depart.

I want to send my friend a pet sympathy card – can you help?

It is one of those very friends who asked me to create a range of ‘pet loss cards’. She wanted to be able to send one to her mate to let her know that she was there for her. We talked about what she would like to say and that became the message inside our new Pet Loss Card. We’ve printed a beautiful and tasteful pink Rainbow Bridge design onto high quality textured card and then put it in a sealed biodegradable bag. You can purchase a single card or a pack of 5 or 10.

Pet Loss Sympathy Card Range

Customers are already asking me for more designs so I’m working really hard on that and I’d love your help. If you have ideas or designs that you would like to see featured please let me know at hello@mypetsashes.co.uk. I can even have your name as the designer on the card, wouldn’t that be lovely.

Pet Loss Stories

And whilst we’re talking about sharing i’d love to invite you to share your stories with me. I’m putting together our new series of video podcasts and if you have a story that you’d like to share please get in touch at hello@mypetsashes.co.uk.

Pet Bereavement Advice

And don’t forget that you and/or your friend can sign up to my free 12 step pet bereavement guide here. You’ll receive practical tips and advice for coping with the loss or your/their beloved pet. I’ve been helping people cope with pet loss for over 10 years and I understand the place in your heart that a pet lives. My aim is to help you and/or your friend get to a place where they can celebrate that love in the most meaningful way.

Until next time

Take care

Karen xx

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