Special Offers

Special offers.
Welcome to our special offers.

Here you will find pet urns, pet ashes jewellery, pet biodegradable urns, pet garden memorials and pet keepsakes that are discounted for a limited time.

Keep checking this page for the latest offers and discounts.

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  • Sale!

    Brass Keepsake Heart with Paw Prints

  • Sale! Soil Enhancer for Memorial Trees

    Soil Enhancer for Memorial Trees

  • Sale! Memorial Tree for Pet Ashes

    Memorial Tree for Pets Pack

  • Sale! Ashes jewellery - hollow - heart

    Silver Heart Necklace

  • Sale! silver heart pendant

    Silver Heart Pendant with Pattern

  • Sold out! Vermeil Gold Star Pendant

    Gold Star Pendant

  • Sale! Vermeil Gold Necklace

    Gold Teardrop Necklace

  • Sale! silver teardrop necklace

    Silver Teardrop Necklace

  • Sale! Ashes jewellery - hollow - mini teardrop

    Silver Mini-Teardrop Pendant

  • Sold out! Silver Ashes Pendant - Engraved Cylinder

    Silver Etched Cylinder Pendant

  • Sale! Silver Ashes Charm Pendant - Cylinder

    Silver Cylinder Necklace

  • Sale! charm necklace - Round

    Silver Round Necklace


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