Small Pet Urns

Small Pet Urns. Urns for the ashes of our smaller pets.

Pet urns for our rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, rats, gerbils, mice, ferrets, chameleons, parrots, goldfish, geckos, canaries, turtles, finches and chinchillas.

They might be small but our love is big! We have beautiful urns that are perfect for keeping your small pet’s ashes safely and securely.

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  • Pet Urns by Ruth Harrison - The Saltram

    Arcadia Pet Urns by Ruth Harrison

  • #mypetsashes cremation pets scatter tubes ashes dog cat

    Autumn Forest Pet Scatter Tubes

  • bluebell pet scatter tubes

    Bluebell Pet Scatter Tube

  • Brass Keepsake Heart

    Brass Keepsake Heart

  • Sale!

    Brass Keepsake Heart with Paw Prints

  • Brass Pet Ashes Urn

  • Sold out! Ceramic Comfort Pebbles - snowdrop

    Ceramic Comfort Pebbles – Handmade in Somerset – Embossed

  • Sold out! Ceramic Keepsake Comfort Pebble - swallows

    Ceramic Keepsake Comfort Pebble – Screen Printed

  • Sold out! Classic Pet Urn

    Classic Pet Urn with Paw Prints

  • Pet Keepsake Urns - Cloisonné Candleholders - Autumn Leaves

    Cloisonné Memorial Candle Holders

  • Glass Comfort Pebble - Aqua Blue

    Comfort Pebble – Ribbon

  • Comfort Pebble in Glass - Blue Stardust

    Comfort Pebble in Glass – Stardust


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