Horse Urns

Horse Urns. Extra large urns for your horse or for more than one dog or pet.

You may struggle to fin extra large urns for your horse’s ashes. We have a range of extra large pet urns that are suitable for horses, larger dogs or if you want to put more than one pet’s ashes into a pet urn.

Our talented carpenter makes these beautiful urns from oak and has a variety of different designs and finishes. If you have a specific size he can also make bespoke urns, he’s incredibly talented.

Each one can be further personalised with a brass or stainless steel plaque which you can attach to the outside or inside of the urn

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  • large wooden urn

    Bearacleave Companion Pet Urn

  • bluebell pet scatter tubes

    Bluebell Pet Scatter Tube

  • Sunflower Pet Scatter Tube

    Sunflower Pet Scatter Tube

  • Double Ashes Wooden Pet Urn

    The Pullabrook – Large Natural Wood Urn

  • Sale! Pet Memorial Tree

    Soil Enhancer for Memorial Trees and Plants

  • Sale! Memorial Tree for Pet Ashes

    Memorial Tree for Pets Pack

  • Outdoor Pet Urn - The Petal™

    Outdoor Pet Urn – The Petal™

  • Return to Nature – Living Memorial Urn for Pets

  • Pet Memorial Birdbath

    Pet Memorial Birdbath

  • Pet Memorial Sculpture

    Pet Memorial Diamond™ Sculpture

  • Pyramis™ Pet Garden Memorial

    Pyramis™ Pet Garden Memorial

  • Pet Garden Memorial Urn

    Pet Garden Memorial Urn: Stone Fir Cone


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