Ceramic Pet Urns

Ceramic Pet Urns are a beautiful way to keep some or all of your pet’s ashes safely at home.

We have curated a tasteful range of pet urns and keepsakes so that you can choose something special that will look beautiful in your home and forever remind you of their love and devotion.

Our stunning Saggar Fired Urns use the flora and fauna of Dartmoor that Alison finds on her moorland romps so each one will be as completely and utterly unique as your pet.

Our Raku urns are simple and elegant, inspired by the ancient Japanese technique they will be admired by your visitors but you can decide if you tell them that the contents make them priceless.

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  • Pet Urns by Ruth Harrison - The Saltram

    Arcadia Pet Urns by Ruth Harrison

  • Into the Horizon – Pet Urns

  • Pet Ashes Urns by Tim Gee - Callisto

    Pet Ashes Urns by Tim Gee

  • Sold out! raku pet urns

    Raku Pet Urns

  • Saggar Ceramic Pet Urns

  • tabby cat urn

    Tabby Cat Urn

  • Moggy Cat Urn

    Moggy Cat Urn