Cat Urns

Cat Urns. Saying goodbye to your cat is difficult enough without having to worry about choosing the correct sized urn. We have a beautiful range of cat urns that will suit your cat and your home or garden.

If you want to scatter your cat’s ashes see our cat scatter tubes. If you want to keep their ashes at home see our sleeping cat urn. And if you’d rather keep them in the garden our small Petal™ will easily hold more than one cat’s ashes.

Our cat urns are designed specifically to do the job that you need them to do. Holding the ashes safely and securely for ever or until you decide to make another memory with them.

Our Cat Keepsakes will hold a small amount of your cat’s ashes or a collar in case you want to scatter some and keep some. And we have lots of gorgeous memorial jewellery available in silver and gold so that they can be with you always.

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