Pet Urns

Pet Urns for your home.

Different pet urns do different jobs and therefore it is important that you choose the right one for the ashes of your beloved pet.

Home is the place where we miss them the most. But we don’t have to lose that unique and precious bond, we can keep them with us always.

We have curated a tasteful range of pet urns and keepsakes so that you can choose something special that will look beautiful in your home and forever remind you of their love and devotion.

Our Ceramic Pet Urns are made by some of Devon’s and in fact the UK’s most talented ceramicists. Each one draws upon their years of experience to create an urn that is as unique as your pet.

Many of our customers like wooden urns for their pets ashes. We have high gloss finished urns for contemporary decor schemes and handmade natural oak urns that can be finished in wax from the carpenters own bees.

Candles always make any home more welcoming and lighting them always helps to soothe the heart. We have Cloisonne Tealight Holders that are hand painted with matching keepsake urns. Our Eternal Flame comes with oil so that it can burn forever. And we have another oil burner inspired by the Elements.

Capturing the essence of your pet within glass is a time honoured way to treasure your pet. Our Devon based glass artisan will individually make you a robin, paperweight or Christmas Bauble. Each one come with a certificate of authenticity so that you can rest assured that your pet’s ashes have been treated with the utmost care, love and respect that they deserve.

Do also check our stylish sculptures, planters, sundials and birdbaths in our Garden Memorial Range.

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