Scatter Tubes for Pets

Pet Scatter Tubes are a great invention. They are specifically designed so that you can scatter the ashes of your pet in a dignified way. And if you’re not ready to scatter yet we have some gorgeous designs that will brighten up a niche or shelf in your home.

They come in a range of sizes so you can choose the correct size for the ashes of your pet. We have very small ones for our pocket pets. These are also great in we want to save some ashes for jewellery or glass ornaments at a later date. We have dog scatter tubes and cat scatter tubes. Each design has pictures of the breed so that you will know the correct size for your pet.

You can choose from traditional designs such as Autumn Forest and Bluebell Wood that evoke fond memories of walking with our best friends. Or more contemporary styles such as Rainbow Paw Prints or Moonlit Cat.

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