Pet Keepsake Urns

Pet Keepsake Urns

Pet keepsake urns or small urns are designed to hold a small portion of your beloved pet’s ashes. They are ideal if you want to keep some of the ashes at home with you.

Lots of people bury most of the ashes but keep a small amount back to have in the house or to keep until they find the right thing to do with them. Many people want to keep some ashes to pass on to friends or family so that they can have something made such as jewellery.

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  • Brass Keepsake Heart

    Brass Keepsake Heart

  • Brass Keepsake Heart with Paw Prints

  • Brass Pet Ashes Urn

  • Ceramic Comfort Pebbles – Handmade in Somerset – Embossed

  • Pet Keepsake Cloisonné Candleholders Going Home

    Cloisonné Memorial Candle Holders

  • Glass Comfort Pebble – Ribbon

  • Glass Comfort Pebble- Stardust

  • Handmade Ceramic Keepsake Comfort Pebble – Screen Printed

  • Pet Keepsake Cloisonné Hearts: Pink Bloom

    Keepsake Cloisonné Hearts

  • Keepsake Wooden Heart

    Keepsake Wooden Heart

  • ashes pen

    Memorial Wooden Pen

  • memory bunny

    Memory Bunny with Ashes Backpack


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