Pet Memorials for the Garden

Pet Memorials. We have a lovely range of pet memorials that you can place in the garden, maybe in a favourite sunny spot or by their favourite tree. All the pet memorials are built to last and can hold the ashes of your beloved pet or pets. They are totally discreet but you can have plaques added to many of the memorials.

One of the real benefits of pet memorials for the garden are that they can be moved if you ever need to leave the house, if you move home so can your pets ashes. Rather than turning your garden into a pet graveyard you can place one of these beautiful sculptures as a centrepiece or as a point of interest and know that should you ever need to leave they can come with you.

Our pet memorial are all hand made or carved and come in a range of different styles from contemporary stainless steel sculptures to traditional sundials and bird baths, we can even hollow out some local Devon stone to bring a touch of Dartmoor to your garden.

We have so much wonderful feedback out our garden memorials we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

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  • Sale! Pet Memorial Tree

    Soil Enhancer for Memorial Trees and Plants

  • Sale! Memorial Tree for Pet Ashes

    Memorial Tree for Pets Pack

  • Outdoor Pet Urn - The Petal™

    Outdoor Pet Urn – The Petal™

  • Return to Nature – Living Memorial Urn for Pets

  • Pet Memorial Birdbath

    Pet Memorial Birdbath

  • Pet Memorial Sculpture

    Pet Memorial Diamond™ Sculpture

  • Pyramis™ Pet Garden Memorial

    Pyramis™ Pet Garden Memorial

  • Pet Garden Memorial Urn

    Pet Garden Memorial Urn: Stone Fir Cone

  • Pet Garden Memorials My Pets Ashes

    Pet Memorial Garden Planter

  • Pet Memorial Sundial

    Pet Memorial Sundial

  • Garden Burial Pet Urn

    Rosemoor Garden Burial Pet Urn

  • Pet Garden Memorial Urn: The Lotus


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