Pet Birthstone Jewellery

Pet Birthstone Jewellery.

See our beautiful range of handmade pet birthstone jewellery featuring your pet’s birthstone colour. Each piece can have your pet’s birthstone as it’s colour making it as unique as they are.

We have charms, pendants and rings handmade in Devon in Silver or Gold. You’ll always have them with you whenever you need them. I can’t bring your pet back but I can help you to celebrate their memory every day.

Pet Birthstones by Month.

January- Garnet, February – Amethyst, March – Aquamarine, April – Diamond, May – Emerald, June – Pearl, July – Ruby, August – Peridot, September – Sapphire, October – Tourmaline, November – Topaz, December – Turquoise.

To find out more about the meanings of pet birthstones read our hand guide here.

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  • elegance pet ashes memorial ring

    Elegance – Pet Ashes Memorial Ring

  • LOVE- Ashes Memorial Ring

    LOVE- Ashes Memorial Ring

  • Pets Ashes Tiffany Style Birthstone Ring

    Tiffany Style Birthstone Ring

  • pet memorial pendant

    Missing You Pets Ashes Pendant

  • Pet Memorial Charm - Silver and Amethyst

    Pet Memorial Charm – Missing You

  • Silver Birthstone Teardrop Pets Ashes Ring

  • Silver Bubble Ring for pet ashes

    Silver Bubble Ring

  • memorial necklace - Soul's Entwined

    Soul’s Entwined – Ashes Memorial Necklace

  • memorial necklace - Starry Night

    Starry Night Pendant

  • Birthstone Heart Charm for Pandora Bracelet

    Birthstone Heart Charm for Pandora Bracelet

  • Wedding Band with Birthstone Colours

    Silver or Gold Wedding Band

  • pet ashes necklace - Moon and Back

    Moon and Back Pendant


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