Pet Ashes into Jewellery

Pet ashes into Jewellery. Being able to turn a small amount of your pets ashes into jewellery means that you can discreetly keep your beloved pet with you whenever you need to.

We have a gorgeous Pandora Charm range that will fit your Pandora Bracelet. We have a range of 925 silver pendants that come with a handy kit for transferring the ashes safely into the necklace at home. We have a gorgeous Silver Sweetie style bracelet with a choice of 925 silver charms which also comes with the kit.

You can also choose to have your pets ashes turned into glass and then work with our local Dartmoor-based jeweller to create a bespoke bracelet, necklace, ring, broach or earrings unique to you, he can even ‘upcycle’ any gold or silver jewellery you have into the design.

Whatever you decide to do all our pets ashes into jewellery  completely discreet and unique to you, a perfect memorial.

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