Pet Ashes into Jewellery

Pet ashes Jewellery.

Pet Ashes Jewellery. We are an award-winning company that has been creating unique and beautiful memories for over 10 years. You can trust us with your beloved pet’s ashes.

We work with talented and sensitive artisans, each one is skilled in different techniques, to make our stunning Memorial Jewellery range.

Whether it’s our 925 Silver charm jewellery, or a piece where the ashes are set in glass, an ashes birthstone ring, or a bespoke design in 9ct gold, we can help.

We will look after you from start to finish. We keep you up-to-date and assured all the way. Let us create a unique piece of jewellery that you will treasure forever.

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  • Cherished Ring

    Eternity Ring in Silver or Gold – Birthstone Colours

  • pet memorial pendant

    Missing You Pendant

  • Sale! Silver Etched Cylinder

    Silver Etched Cylinder Pendant

    £105.00 £95.00
  • Sale! silver pandora ashes charm

    Silver Heart Charm for Pandora Bracelet

    £85.00 £75.00
  • Sale! Silver Heart Necklace

    Silver Heart Necklace

    £95.00 £85.00
  • Sale! Silver Heart Pendant

    Silver Heart Pendant with Pattern

    £105.00 £95.00
  • Sale! Silver urn charm

    Silver Mini-Teardrop Pendant

    £95.00 £75.00
  • Sale! charm Necklace

    Silver Round Necklace

    £95.00 £85.00
  • Sale! Silver Teardrop Necklace

    Silver Teardrop Necklace

    £95.00 £85.00
  • pet ashes necklace Silver Moon and Stars - Red

    Moon and Back Pendant

  • Sale! Silver urn necklace

    Silver Bone Necklace

    £95.00 £85.00
  • Sale! Silver Cross Necklace

    Silver Cross Necklace

    £95.00 £85.00

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