Pet Ashes into Glass Memorials

Pet Ashes into Glass Memorials is a popular and tasteful way to honour the life of your beloved pet.

Our ashes into glass ornaments are handmade right here in Devon, England by highly skilled glassmakers. You simply select your product and we will send you your ashes pack. Simply check the details and return to us in the pack provided. We will notify of it’s safe arrival and then again when your glass ornament is ready to despatch.

Customers love our Glass Birds, robins are especially popular and make wonderful Christmas gifts.

We also have our glass comfort pebbles that are hollow so that you can place a small amount of ashes securely inside. These are handmade in Somerset.

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  • Ashes within Glass Paperweight: Swirl

  • Christmas Bauble in glass - purple

    Christmas Bauble in glass

  • Glass Comfort Pebble - Aqua Blue

    Comfort Pebble – Ribbon

  • Comfort Pebble in Glass - Blue Stardust

    Comfort Pebble in Glass – Stardust

  • Eternal Flame Glass Oil Burner Candle - Red

    Eternal Flame – Ashes within Glass Candle Burner

  • Framed Glass Heart - Blue

    Framed Glass Heart

  • Framed Glass Paw Print

  • Glass Beach Pebble

  • Glass heart - wisp - green

    Glass Hearts – Wisp

  • Glass memorial Jenny Wren

    Glass Memorial Jenny Wren

  • Blue-Tit-Ashes-Glass

    Memorial Glass Blue Tit

  • Memorial Glass Bluebird

    Memorial Glass Bluebird


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