Pet Ashes Ceremony

Pet Ashes Ceremony

You might find having a Pet Ashes or Rainbow Bridge Ceremony a helpful way to cope with losing a pet. They are an important part of the family and should be treated with all the love and care that they gave you.

Whatever you decide to do with your pets ashes we have some ideas that can make the event as special and unique as they were.

We have ceremony sets that have everything you need to have a really memorable event.

Celebrate your pet.

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  • Pet Ceremony Set Burial

    Rainbow Bridge Ceremony Set – burying your pet’s ashes

  • Pet Ceremony Set Scattering

    Rainbow Bridge Ceremony Set – scattering your pet’s ashes

  • Rainbow Bridge Pet Urn

    Rainbow Bridge Pet Urn

  • Rainbow Bridge Petals

    Rainbow Bridge Petals

  • Pet Loss Sympathy Card

    Pet Loss Sympathy Card

  • Low Noise Pet Fireworks

    Low Noise Pet Fireworks – Spirit in the sky