Handmade Pet Memorials

Handmade Pet Memorials. We work with some of the most talented artists and craftspeople in the country. Each one has a unique talent for turning your beloved pet’s ashes into a beautiful piece of art. You can have the ashes put into a painting, or into a piece of jewellery, or into a papier mache teapot, or all completely unique and yet they all have one thing in common. The standard of the workmanship is amazing and they are all totally discreet. We even have a local Dartmoor carpenter who will make you a wooden urn that can be finished in beeswax made from the craftsman’s own hives!

Handmade Memorials unique to your pet

We have an ever-growing pool of brilliant artists and craftspeople that we can put you in touch with so that you can create for very own unique pet memorial. You can design something totally bespoke to you and your pet.

Please note that all bespoke items are non-refundable. 

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  • Pet Urns by Ruth Harrison - The Saltram

    Arcadia Pet Urns by Ruth Harrison

  • Ashes within Glass Paperweight: Swirl

  • large wooden urn

    Bearacleave Companion Pet Urn

  • Sold out! Ceramic Comfort Pebbles - snowdrop

    Ceramic Comfort Pebbles – Handmade in Somerset – Embossed

  • Sold out! Ceramic Keepsake Comfort Pebble - swallows

    Ceramic Keepsake Comfort Pebble – Screen Printed

  • Glass Comfort Pebble - Aqua Blue

    Comfort Pebble – Ribbon

  • Comfort Pebble in Glass - Blue Stardust

    Comfort Pebble in Glass – Stardust

  • Eternal Flame Glass Oil Burner Candle - Red

    Eternal Flame – Ashes within Glass Candle Burner

  • Framed Glass Heart - Blue

    Framed Glass Heart

  • Framed Glass Paw Print

  • Glass Beach Pebble

  • Glass heart - wisp - green

    Glass Hearts – Wisp


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