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Cat Poems – poems to remind you of your cat.

Cat Poems

Cat Poems

Cat Poems. Unlike people we rarely dignify the death of our pets with a funeral but a rainbow bridge ceremony can fulfill the need to honour their passing. It can sometimes be difficult to find the right words but I am hoping that one of these verses might strike a chord. If not then make up your own or there’s always T.S.Elliot…

You can never underestimate the healing power of a good poem. Here are a couple of our favourites.

My Old Cat – Hal Summers 1911 –

My old cat is dead,

Who would butt me with his head.

He had the sleekest fur.

He had the blackest purr.

Always gentle with us

Was this black puss,

But when I found him today

Stiff and cold where he lay

His look was like a lion’s,

Full of rage, defiance:

Oh, he would not pretend

That what came was a friend

But met it in pure hate.

Well died my old cat.

THE SINGING CAT by Stevie Smith (1902-1971)

It was a little captive cat
Upon a crowded train
His mistress takes him from his box
To ease his fretful pain.

She holds him tight upon her knee
The graceful animal
And all the people look at him
He is so beautiful.

But oh he pricks and oh he prods
And turns upon her knee
Then lifteth up his innocent voice
In plaintive melody.

He lifteth up his innocent voice
He lifteth up, he singeth
And to each human countenance
A smile of grace he bringeth.

He lifteth up his innocent paw
Upon her breast he clingeth
And everybody cries, Behold
The cat, the cat that singeth.

He lifteth up his innocent voice
He lifteth up, he singeth
And all the people warm themselves
In the love his beauty bringeth.

A 14-year old convalescent cat by Gavin Ewart (b: 1916)

I want him to have another living summer
to lie in the sun and enjoy the douceur de vivre
because the sun, like golden rum in a rummer,
is what makes an idle cat un tout petit peu ivre

I want him to lie stretched out, contented,
revelling in the heat, his fur all dry and warm,
an Old Age Pensioner, retired, resented
by no one, and happinesses in a beelike swarm

to settle on him, postponed for another season
that last fated hateful journey to the vet
from which there is no return (and age the reason),
which must soon come – as I cannot forget.

Pet Bereavement

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Take care and look after yourself

Karen Martin My Pets Ashes

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