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Pets Ashes fund bullet-proof vest

pets ashes fund

Pets Ashes fund bullet-proof vest

The kind folk of a charity in Albany USA have donated money for a police officer’s dog, Stitch, to have a bullet-proof vest so that when he is out searching for drug traffickers or missing people he will now have the benefit of his very own bullet-proof vest to protect him.

The charity, Barney’s Corner, was set up specifically to have a quiet, restful place to scatter pets ashes. They have been gifted money by grateful pet owners who have scattered their beloved pets ashes in the corner of St Paul’s Episcopal Church’s memorial garden which has been dedicated solely for the purpose of scattering pets ashes.

According to Lois Hunkele, who serves on the organization’s executive committee, “Barney’s Corner’s sole purpose was a place for the scattering of pets’ ashes,” said Hunkele. “When monetary gifts were given to Barney’s Corner for the memory of a pet whose ashes were scattered there, the committee decided to use the money to aid animals.”

Since then, Barney’s Corner has given funds to organizations such as the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and the Ahimsa House and has helped establish the annual Barney’s Run for Warriors, which assists veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder find service dogs.

“At St. Paul’s, we feel the need to reach into the community and fill various needs,” said Hunkele. “This year we wanted to provide a bulletproof vest for a local K9 unit and Stitch was the right fit. It’s an extra proud moment when gifts from Barney’s Corner can assist our animal friends.”

 It does beg the question why doesn’t the police force protect it’s own workforce, I assumed that police dogs in the UK would automatically get protective clothing but the only reference I could find was to a trial in Sussex. I am going to investigate this and find out, surely they wouldn’t protect the officers and not their highly trained, loyal canine companions?

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