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Pet Cremation Costs getting what you paid for…?

Pet Cremation Costs - Pasha the Great Pyrenees

Pet Cremation Costs

Here is a very sad story about pet cremation costs that I came across recently. It’s from the states but it did get me thinking. How much it should it cost to cremate a beloved member of the family. I’ve summarised the story but the link to the full story is at the bottom of the blog.

An Atlanta family very sadly lost their beloved family dog, Pasha, while they were in Europe on vacation over New Year. They contacted a pest control service – not sure if this is an American thing to do rather than contact a vet – to bury or cremate the body.  They said they could ‘take care of it for a few hundred dollars’. The owner thought this was too expensive so opted for a ‘$75 cremation’. A few days later they got a call from the Forsyth County Sheriff, a neighbour had found Pasha’s body in a field nearby and had identified him through his microchip.

This sorry tale unfolds and apparently the Pest Control person had subcontracted the job to a friend because he was in the Atlanta V.A. hospital on New Year’s Eve. The sub-contractor had then dumped Pasha’s body in the field because the landfill was closed andhe didn’t have $40 to pay the landfill site. Forsyth County found the sub-contractor guilty & both parties have apologised, although I’m not sure what punishment they received.

What should a Pet Cremation Cost

It really brought home to me just how important it is to make sure that you check all the details before agreeing to spend any money cremating your pet. I’ve never heard of pets being ‘dumped’ in this way in the UK but I do know that pet owners are often dismayed when they find that the price they paid is not for an individual cremation. It’s always worth double-checking with either your vet or the pet crematorium to find out exactly what you are paying for.

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