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Korean Pets Ashes not Waste

Korean Pets not Waste

Korean Pets Ashes not Waste

Take note UK Authorities.

There has been a dramatic change in heart for the classification of pet ashes in Korea and Pet owners are no longer required to dispose of the ashes of their beloved pets as waste because of a revised animal protection law came into effect Thursday 21st January 2016.

According to the Koreean Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, pets treated at animal cremation facilities will no longer be classified as waste under the revised law. Animals that are not treated at cremation facilities will still be subject to the waste management law, which requires pet owners to dispose of the bodies as waste.

Animal advocacy groups in Korea have been campaigning about the the way that pets have been treated under the law, calling for a change in what they view as unethical practice.

Now that the law has been changed pet crematorium operators will not have to ask for a permit from the local municipalities to run a facility to process animal cremation and burial, making it easier to set up animal funeral facilities.

“We were aware that there had been opposition to treating pets as waste,” an official from the ministry said. “The revision will relieve burden of setting up and running animal cremation facilities and improve their accessibility for pet owners.”

There are currently only 15 privately run animal cremation facilities across the entire nation. It costs an average of 300,000 won to 500,000 won (£175 to £293) to use the services.

For more information about the main campaigning organisation IAKA visit their website

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