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How do I know if I got all my pet remains from their cremation?

How do I know if I got all my pet remains from their cremation?

How do I know if I got all my pet remains from their cremation?

I am asked this question “How do I know if I got all my pet remains from their cremation?” at least three times a week. And I totally understand why. You decide to cremate your beloved pet and then suddenly realise that you are handing them to someone else. Do you trust them? Do they cremate only your pet? How do you know that you only get the ashes of your pet back?

Well the answer is….

It depends where and how you cremate them.

Your vet should be able to help you make a decision based on what you want. They should be able to explain the different options and the cost involved. But don’t worry we can help.

There are around 2 different types of pet cremation:

  • Individual Cremation with
    • scattering of ashes in a Remembrance Garden
    • ashes buried in a Remembrance Garden
    • urn of ashes kept in a Columbarium
    • ashes returned to you or your vet.
  • Communal/Companion Cremation

You can read the full article here

If you select an individual cremation with a reputable pet crematorium then you will receive your pet’s, and only your pet’s, ashes. Some of the really good pet crematoria also offer you the opportunity to attend the cremation so that you can be with them. We have a wonderful pet crematorium near us in Devon that offers a beautiful individual service Meadow Wood. But you can find one for your area here.

What is a good pet crematorium?

A good pet crematorium will let you visit and inspect the facilities.

The staff should treat you and your pet in a dignified and caring way.

They should let you know the whole process, you can ask these questions:

  • How will your pet be treated?
  • Will they collect them from the vet?
  • Can I take my pet there myself, if I want to?
  • Do you get a certificate?

Remember that it is your pet and you have the right to ask as many questions as you want before making a decision. If they are reluctant to answer or don’t know then you may wish to consider alternatives.

Is it expensive?

It will cost more to have an individual cremation. You can see our guide to costs here but you will need to check with your vet or the crematorium itself to get up to date prices.

Take your time and chose the right option for you. You might find our free bereavement guide helpful. You can find it here.

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