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Cremating Pets: Individual Cremation

cremating pets

Cremating Pets – individual cremation

As prices vary widely amongst the different pet crematorium, vets and memorial gardens we thought we would explain what individual pet cremation actually means and whether it is the right decision for you and your beloved pet.

Individual Cremation Process 

If you choose an individual cremation then your pet will be placed alone in the cremation chamber and then all the ashes will be collected carefully and handled individually. You can sometimes attend the cremation although it is not obligatory. Some also offer a chapel of rest where you can spend some time with your pet before cremation.

You should also receive a cremation certificate for your pets ashes which will have their name on it and guarantees that your pet has been cremated individually and that the ashes returned to you are your pets ashes.

Pros of individual pet cremation

You will only get the ashes of your pet.

You will get a certificate guaranteeing that only your pets cremated ashes are being given to you.

You may be able to attend the actual cremation.

Some services may also include a pet bereavement service.

Cons of individual pet cremation

The price may be significantly higher.

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