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Pets Ashes Stolen

pets ashes stolen Skipper the dog

Pets Ashes Stolen

It is a sad day when thieves stoop so low as to steal a widow’s belongings. A poor Australian lady from holiday to find that her home had been burgled and both her husband’s and her pet dog Skipper’s ashes had been taken.

After his death on April 10, 2008, the grieving wife had spread part of his ashes around their favourite walking trail beside the Yarra River in Westerfolds Park but couldn’t bear to leave him all behind. So she kept his remaining ashes in a small urn alongside Skipper’s until they were stolen.

“He was a good man and I felt the need to have a part of him with me. I couldn’t possibly part with all of him, so I kept a small urn because I didn’t want to scatter all of his ashes,”…“Why take the dog’s ashes? It’s sealed and it’s got a picture of him on it — why would you take that? Are they off their head on drugs or something?” the widow said.

Skipper was “a little mongrel” who followed her children home one day and ended up staying for the rest of his life.

While the thieves did make off with some items of financial value, Mrs Burke, the widow, just hopes to see the sentimental items returned. And so do we.

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