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Dogs Ashes found in Salvation Army Box

Dogs Ashes found in Salvation Army Box

Dogs Ashes found in Salvation Army Box

Dogs Ashes were found in Salvation Army Box in the USA.

Here is the piece from the TV station KMTV:

It’s not your expected charity donation, as a box filled with ashes winds up at a Bellevue Salvation Army. Marlene Moore had bought the box on Monday, but noticed it was heavy when she picked it up. When she opened it up, she found something very special inside, ashes. The box had the faded name, Anderson, written on the bottom, and another one rubbed off so it was hard to make out what it said. Moore was determined to find the owner. She took to social media, and hoped media coverage would find who the ashes belonged to.

“I would really love to find them because I know if it was one of my loved one I would want to fine them and get it back,” she said.

Fast forward a couple hours after talking with KMTV, “We found the owners, turns out it is not human remains, it is dog ashes,” said Moore.

After the Salvation Army heard about the box, they were able to track down where it came from. The original owner lives in Florida and had left his dog’s ashes behind in a storage locker.

“I am really surprised that less than 24 hours we were able to find the original owners and be able to get it sent back home,” said Moore.

The Salvation Army said they are so glad Moore didn’t just throw the ashes away and keep the box. They said the owner can’t wait to be reunited with his long lost best friend, who he had been looking for, for two years.

“Once he heard from us we had it and were willing to ship it back to him he was of course ecstatic and thrilled,” said Major Curtiss Hartley.

Moore said she is just amazed how everything worked out, “I am glad they are going back home.”

You can see the video here.

This story is not as unusual as it first seems. over the years of running our website Scattering Ashes we’ve come across lots of stories of lost/misplaced/abandoned ashes. Charity shops regularly have urns ‘donated’ amongst house clearances and drop-offs. We’re just pleased that the owners were located quickly unlike one poor lady in Caifornia, see the post here.

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