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Pet Urns

Pet Urns

Choosing an urn for your pet’s ashes

Whatever the size of your pet and whatever you want to do with their ashes, we have pet urns that will suit you and your pet.

Best Urn for My Pet’s Ashes

What is the best pet urn? The answer to this question is…that depends. I know it’s not the immediate answer that you might be hoping for but it is the correct answer. In order to decide which urn is best for your pet’s ashes you will need to consider several things:

Do you want to Scatter their ashes?

Is burying their ashes the right thing for you pet?

Perhaps you’re not ready to make a decision yet and want to keep your pet’s ashes?

I want to scatter my pet’s ashes

If you want to scatter all of your pet’s ashes then a simple scatter tube is the best pet urn for you. Scatter tubes are designed to scatter ashes in a dignified way. You simply place the ashes inside and they remain sealed until you find the right location to scatter them. You can read our advice about where to scatter pet ashes here.

I want to bury my pet’s ashes

If you want to bury your pet’s ashes then you need to think about whether you will be happy to leave them in your garden if you have to move house. If you’re comfortable leaving them in your garden a biodegradable pet urn is the perfect for you. Our 100% biodegradable urns can be placed in the soil and will gradually dissolve into the soil.

You can also use use our Living Memorial soil enhancer which will break down the alkalinity of cremation ashes and make it much easier to grow a tree or shrub with your pet’s ashes. You can even put them in a pot so that you can take it with you if you need to relocate.

I want to keep my pet’s ashes

If you want to keep all of your pet’s ashes, and many people do, you can put them in a pet urn for your home or for your garden. You just need to make sure that you have the correct size for the amount of ashes that you have. You can read our guide to which size urn here. We have urns for horses and very large dogs, dogs, small dogs, cats and smaller or ‘pocket’ pets. All you need to do is then choose something that will suit your home or garden.

I want to keep some of of my pet’s ashes.

Lots of people combine scattering or burying some of their pet’s ashes with putting some in a keepsake urn or having a piece of silver or gold jewellery or memorial glass.

We work with lots of local talented makers who will create a work of art with your pet’s ashes leaving you with something beautiful to cherish the loved you shared.

The important thing is to take your time and make the right decision for you and your pet. You’ll know when it’s the right thing, it will happen.

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