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Roundabout Cat – Ginger’s Bench

Roundabout Cat - Ginger's Memorial Bench

Roundabout Cat – Ginger’s Bench

Roundabout Cat – Ginger’s Bench. What a fantastic memorial tribute. I read this article over the weekend and am so bowled over by the brilliant people of Dursley in Gloucestershire.

Ginger the Cat

Ginger the tortoiseshell is famous. Well she is to the people in her local town. The locals used to stop and pet Ginger as she hung about at the town’s roundabout. When she became ill and passed away from renal failure the community wanted to honour her memory. One resident decided to raise money to put a plaque on a local bench.

Money raised for memorial bench

People donated over £200 and the local council granted them permission to put the plaque on the bench. A local company donated the plaque with engraving so the money raised will be shared between three local animal charities- Teckels, Cotswold Cats and Dogs Home, and Cats Protection.

Memorial Plaque

The tasteful memorial plaque reads:

In memory of Ginger

“Roundabout Cat”

friend to all


The town councillor for Dursley, Wendy Thomas, said:

 ”I loved that cat, I think her sad demise has brought the community together.”


A community in grief

I think this is a wonderful story. It shows that good can come from pain. A community bounds over animals. There are so many towns and villages that have a cat or dog that is ‘looked after’ by the locals. I’m not sure if it’s a peculiarly British thing to do but I love it. When I lost my darling April my local community were incredible. Local kids help me put up posters. People shared my posts on social media and gave updates on possible sightings. Our love of animals unites us, people really do care. We need to share more of these stories. Thank you Ginger and the fantastic people of Dursley .

Pet Bereavement

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You can read the full article here 


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