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Pet Dog’s Ashes Lost

Pet Dog's Ashes Lost

Pet Dog’s Ashes Lost

Family’s fury as their beloved pet dog’s ashes are lost at vets in cremation mix up.

This is a really sad story that was reported on in online local news website in London, it  really brought home to me just how important it is to make sure that when a beloved pet passes away that you make sure that you get the type of cremation that you want for them.

This is how the story was reported.

Rosa and Francesca Gagliardi took Staffordshire bull terrier Buffy, into Wood Street Veterinary Surgery after she was hit by a car last Tuesday, March 5.

Despite efforts, doctors were unable to save her life so the family paid for a private cremation and were told to collect her remains in a few days later. But the pet, who had been in the family for seven years, was accidentally cremated with other animals instead of alone – meaning her ashes cannot be found.

Ms Gagliardi, 48, said: “It is just awful. This has destroyed us as a family. It was Francesca’s dog and she is devastated. If this was a human being, imagine what would happen – there would be a massive lawsuit. “You care for a pet like a child, you nurture them and love them unconditionally, and she went everywhere with us.”

When they arrived home, they called the surgery again to ensure Buffy would be cremated on her own and they assured her this was the case. But two weeks later, Ms Gagliardi was still waiting to find out when the ashes would be ready to pick up so called them again. She added: “They didn’t know where Buffy was. They then called me to say that ‘Pip’ had not been cremated on its own, and it was a misunderstanding on their part.

“I was furious, I let rip. Not only did she call my dog by a different name she referred to her as an it. We have lost the chance to say goodbye and it has devastated us. This was an incompetent error. If they genuinely cared about Buffy this process would have been handled in the correct manner. As it stands my daughter is mortified, as we all are. We were hoping for Buffy’s ashes to return to us, so that she would be close to us, everyday. Now that has been taken away from us.”

The family were also left disappointed by the way little Buffy was treated before she died. They claim that while reception staff were sympathetic, a nurse who took Buffy into her arms was not experienced. “Her little head was not even supported and was bobbing around.” She added.

Tony White, a partner and veterinarian at Wood Green Veterinary said the dog was already dead when the Ms Gagliardi arrived at the practice.

But he did accept liability for what happened and apologised.

He said: “Ms Gagliardi asked for a single cremation, but unfortunately, a nurse labelled the matter incorrectly and Buffy was taken for a normal cremation. “I called Ms Gagliardi to apologise, we are dreadfully dreadfully sorry about this. We made a mistake but we realise it won’t change anything.”

Ms Gagliardi said: “We were hoping for Buffy’s ashes to return to us, so that she would be close to us, every day. Now that has been taken away from us. “We never expected this, and we do not want this happening to someone else. I would never ever take a sick animal to Wood Street Veterinary surgery.”

Whilst mistakes can be made, we are all fallible, when it comes to something like this it is absolutely vital that you choose the type of cremation that you want. For our advice page about choosing the right type of cremation click here, and for some idea of costs you might expect click here. I’ve also written a short post about the pros and cons of individual cremation. It might be worthwhile reading up before you visit your vet so that you can be sure of what to expect and the costs involved.
My heart goes out to this family and I would strongly urge them to think about ways they can memorialise poor Buffy so that they can remember the unconditional love that she gave them and just what an amazing dog she was.
To see the original story click here [apologies but this link will ask you to complete a survey]

1 thought on “Pet Dog’s Ashes Lost

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    Razvan - September 12, 2020

    I have lost my beautiful Patch aged 5.5 years , due a spinal fibromyalgia, I wasn’t aware of ! From the first minute that I’ve seen was something wrong , I’ve called VetsNow Gateshead ( Tyne and Wear ) I live here ! They took him in , 22.00!on the 27th of July 2020! And on 31st I had to make the final call , I’ve been recommended the private incineration as we wanted his ashes , we already bought the jewellery so we can keep him with us all the time ! I haven’t heard from the Vet Practice , for 3 weeks , they said will take some time , and on the 15th/09 I receive an email , saying that “by mistake “ the ashes were lost , and is nothing they can do about it ! ( appalling) I’m sick !!

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