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Permission to Grieve – coping with pet bereavement

Permission to Grieve pet bereavement

Permission to Grieve

Permission to grieve. This first stage of grief – shock and denial – also affects people in ways that are not alike. Common symptoms include anxiety, nausea, dizziness or feeling faint. Some people cry some stay silent. It is the second part of  acknowledging that the loss is real.

Whether you knew that their parting was coming or whether it was sudden, the shock can be quite devastating. It is essential that you give yourself the time, the space and permission to grieve.

When you’re grieving you might experience decision fatigue. Suddenly making ‘good’ choices however small can feel overwhelming. Some people forget to eat or opt for unhealthy meals of take-outs and snacking. Unfortunately this has the knock-on effect of sapping you of energy and releasing large amounts of cortisol which is the stress hormone that causes blood sugar shifts which impact your mood.

And this is the time when you most need to take care of yourself. Even if you don’t want to leave the house get some healthy food delivered. Stock your fridge and freezer with fresh produce, leafy greens, nuts and protein sources.

You may not feel like cooking but the mere act of preparing food can be very therapeutic. You don’t have to make fancy dishes, just put some gentle music on and try to focus on making something nourishing and healthy. This is your best way to deal with both the physical and emotional impact of grief, trust me it works.

To start you off here’s a comforting and soothing soup that I love to make to lift my spirits, my lovely friend Kate at @EastDevonEats gave me this fabulous recipe years ago and it really helped me.

Feel-good Chicken Soup

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