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Grief Counselling: Gisele Bundchen and Vida

Grief Counselling

In October 2012 the supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s Yorkie pup, Vida, passed away. The supermodel, who is one of the highest paid supermodels in the world, mourned her death, wrote on Facebook:

“My best friend, she will always live on in my heart. Let’s never take for granted the unconditional love that our animals show us every single day.”

They were inseparable best friends. She loved the animal so much she insisted she was part of the wedding party when she married New England Patriots star quarterback Tom Brady.

When a pet comes into our home they gradually become part of the family, giving their very own, unique unconditional love. And when they suddenly die the impact can be devastating regardless of how much you are paid. It is so important to embrace your grief when a pet dies, acknowledge the role they played in your life and allow yourself the time and space to grieve.

Whilst grief counselling is often offered when we lose a member of the family it is rarely offered when a pet dies and yet for many the loss of a pet can be as equally, if not more, tragic. But there are organisations out there who can support you in your hour of grief, we’ve listed a few who you can contact for support during this difficult time:

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support call 0800 096 6606

Animal Samaritans call 020 8303 1859

EASE is wonderful small charity is based in East Devon but has loads of really helpful resources





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