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5 ways to remember your cat

5 ways to remember your cat

5 ways to remember your cat

When a beloved pussy cat passes away it can be devastating for your and your family. The most important thing to remember is that it is okay to grieve. We have produced a pet bereavement guide that you might find helpful. And here are 5 ways to remember your cat. Doing something memorable with their ashes can help you cope with the loss of your puss.

Here our 5 of our favourite things to do with cat ashes.

1. Turning cat ashes into glass

You can keep your beloved cat forever in glass. You can have it in your home, at work or your handbag. Whatever is going to give you the most comfort.

A glassmaker will use a small amount of ashes (about a teaspoon per item) and make it into a memorial glass piece. You can choose a ‘hot-glass’ method. The glassmaker will use hot glass and meld the ashes into the piece. Or you can choose a ‘fused-glass’ method. The maker will sprinkle a small amount of ashes onto the piece and then fuse the glass into a special design.

We have a beautiful range of glass hearts, paperweights, candles, and other glass ornaments.

All of our ashes to glass ornaments are hand made by experienced and skilled glassmakers. Our procedure is extremely rigorous. Each item comes with a certificate of authenticity so that you know that only the ashes you have provided are in your memorial glass. We will return any unused ashes with your memorial glass memento.

2. Creating memorial jewellery

There are two types of cat cremation jewellery. You can choose a design that you can fill with their ashes at home, or you can send them to a jeweller and they will create a piece of jewellery using the ashes.

If you want to fill the ashes yourself you could choose Silver or Gold Jewellery that comes with a kit for sealing the ashes safely into a secure charm. We have a wide range of 925 Silver and Vermeil Gold Jewellery that has a hollow charm for holding a small amount of your beloved pet’s ashes.

If you would like us to put the ashes into the charm we can do that for you for a small additional charge.

We can engrave most of our cat memorial jewellery at a reasonable cost. We can gift-wrap all of our silver and gold jewellery with a personal gift message.

If you want a unique hand made item of jewellery then you will need to send a small amount of ashes (about a teaspoon) to a jeweller. They will make the ring/bracelet/necklace/cufflinks/earrings using your cat’s ashes.

Our beautiful Pet Ashes into Jewellery Range is made by hand by our talented jewellers. You can choose Silver or Gold options in many designs.

As soon as you place your order we will send you a pack that has everything you need to send the ashes securely to us.

We can engrave and gift-wrap many of our cremation jewellery pieces.

3. Scattering cat ashes in a favourite place

If you want to have a special place where you can go and remember your cat then scattering their ashes is a great idea. Pet Scatter Tubes are a great invention. They are lightweight and therefore easy to carry or transport. And they work.

All of our scatter tubes come with instructions so you can easily transfer the ashes into them and then use them when you are ready to scatter the ashes, they will help you to have a dignified scattering.

4. Keeping cat ashes in your garden

If you want to keep your cat’s ashes in the garden securely memorial garden urns are perfect. They can be discreet or can be centrepieces for your garden. You can add a memorial plaque or just be happy that you know where they are.

The other wonderful benefit is that if you ever have to move house the garden urn with your cat’s ashes can come with you. There is no need to have the stress of digging them up or leaving them behind.

We have a lovely range of pet memorials that you can place in the garden, maybe in a favourite sunny spot or by their favourite tree. All the pet memorials are built to last and can hold the ashes of your beloved cats.

Our garden memorials are all hand made or carved and come in a range of different styles from contemporary stainless steel sculptures to traditional sundials and bird baths, we can even hollow out some local Devon stone to bring a touch of Dartmoor to your garden.

5. Keeping cat ashes in your home

We are all different. Some of us like to have the ashes at home. Some prefer the garden or scattering. Others prefer ornaments or jewellery. If you want to keep the ashes at home then a cat urn is a great choice. Different urns do different jobs and therefore it is important that you choose the right one for the ashes of your beloved cat.

An urn is something beautiful that will suit your home, whether you have a contemporary or more traditional taste. Urns are perfect for you to place on the dressing table, bedside table or in the living room. It is up to you they are small enough for no else to know if you don’t want them to.

You can even choose a totally made to order urn and work with the artist to design something really gorgeous to keep forever in your home.

We have beautiful ceramic, metal, wooden, garden and keepsake urns.

Let us help you to choose something that is right for you

If you would like more information on any of these ideas of would like to speak to us on 01626 798198 or email us at hello@mypetsashes.co.uk

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