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Pet Memorial Tattoos

Pet Memorial Tattoos

Pet Memorial Tattoos

Army veteran Sgt. Dave Heyhoe, whose bomb detection dog, Treo, passed away last autumn is the latest pet owner to have their beloved animal immortalized with a tattoo in their honour.

The Daily Mail reported that Sgt. Dave Heyhoe, 46, was the handler of Treo, a black Labrador who became known as one of the bravest dogs to serve in the British military. Heyhoe worked with Treo while he was serving in Afghanistan. After they both retired from the military, Treo went to live with Heyhoe permanently.

Treo passed away at the age of 14 in October. The former serviceman and his family – wife Rachel, 42, and their three children Ellie-Anne, four, Thomas, 12, and Oliver, 10 – were left devastated by the death of their beloved pet so Heyhoe decided to get a special tattoo — the tattoo artist sprinkled Treo’s ashes into the ink and drew a paw print and a poem.

“The tattoo completes me,” Heyhoe said in Daily Mail. “People might think it’s strange, but Treo was like a son to me. Over the years we have seen gunfire, death and bomb scares together – I’ve been lost without him. Now it feels like Treo is by my side – where he’s supposed to be.”

An excerpt from Mr Heyhoe’s book reads:
“This is the incredible true story of the unbreakable bond forged between Treo, the world’s most highly decorated dog, and his handler Sgt. Dave Heyhoe, whilst doing the most dangerous job on earth.
You can read more about his book at goodreads.
Pet memorial tattoos are becoming increasingly popular, there are thousands of pictures of owners memorialising their pet with this permanent celebration of their life, using ashes in the tattoo is also increasing.
A tattoo is for life and is not everyone’s idea of a good memorial but they do honour the life lived, this is my current favourite
cat memorial tattoo
cat memorial tattoo

3 thoughts on “Pet Memorial Tattoos

  1. Reply
    Bubblegum Ink - December 29, 2019

    We were honoured to have done this tattoo for Dave Heyhoe. We regularly do this style of tattooing and if you want a dog ashes tattoo, then just get in touch with us at Bubblegum Ink.

  2. Reply
    Katy - November 16, 2019

    Were are yous am in scotland would love a tatoo of dog ashes x

    1. Reply
      Karen Martin - December 13, 2019

      Hi Katy
      I’m sorry we don’t actually do the tattoos ourselves, you would need to approach a tattoo parlour and ask them if they could do it.

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