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What to do with your cats ashes

What to do with your cats ashes - My Pet's Ashes

What to do with your cats ashes. Welcome to My Pet’s Ashes. We are an award-winning pet advice website that has helped people cope with losing their pet for over 10 years. If you have just said goodbye to your cat or they are nearing the end of their life then we can help you to navigate this journey.

You may have been thinking about what you should do with the ashes for a little while or you vet might have just asked you. We have lots of helpful things that you can do to celebrate the life of your cat by doing something memorable with your cat’s ashes.

Coping with the loss of your cat

When you have to say goodbye to your cat it can be really tough. The unique bond you have created between yourselves is so special. You never owned them, no self-respecting cat is ever owned, but you lived together in harmony. Each snuggle on the sofa, each leg caress as you filled their food bowl, the purrs whilst you typed away at your keyboard. Every interaction strengthened your relationship with them. And that bond can never be broken. I have put together a 12 Step Pet Bereavement Guide with practical advice and tips for coping with the shock, the day-to-day loss and dealing with other people, vets included. You might find it helpful and you can find it here.

Scattering or burying your cat’s ashes.

If you choose cremation, see our advice about different types of pet cremation,  the next step to think about is what to do with your cat’s ashes. Many people decide to scatter or bury all of their cat’s ashes somewhere that is special to their cat or where they can visit easily, in the garden say. A few things to consider if you decide to do this – what if I have to move house or change my mind? Scattering all of your cat’s ashes is a very final choice, it cannot be undone.

Keeping your cats ashes

You can decide to scatter/bury some of your cat’s ashes and keep some. It is totally up to you. Even keeping a couple of teaspoons will mean that if you decide to do something memorable later on you will be able to do that.

Ideas for your cats ashes

Keeping some or all of you cat’s ashes is a lovely way to cherish your memories. You can keep them at home or in the garden. You can transform their ashes into a beautiful piece of jewellery or a glass ornament or you can create a living memorial. Read on to find out how we can help you.

Pet ashes jewellery

If  you like to wear a ring, pendant or want to add a charm to your bracelet we work with some amazing jewellers who can create unique memorial jewellery in silver or gold. We will send you a pack that has everything you need to send your cat’s ashes securely to us. We keep you informed every step of the way and return your jewellery to you in a beautiful presentation gift box. Find out more here.

Pet garden memorials

Our stunning stainless steel Petal™ will look amazing and is designed to hold your cat’s ashes securely in your garden. And if you ever need to move house you can take them with you. We also have birdbaths, planters and sundials, something for every style of garden. If you want to plant a tree why not use our Living Memorial to make sure it grows.

Pet urns for cat’s ashes

You could keep your cat’s ashes in a simple and affordable pet scatter tube or sleeping cat urn. We also work with many local, and very talented, potters who will create a unique cat urn just for you, see our Made in Devon pet urns. And our keepsake candle holders and hearts are gorgeous and discreet, only you will know what they hold inside.

Cat ashes into glass

We work with a local Devon glassmaker with years of experience who fuses your cat’s ashes into a paperweight or an oil burning candle. The eternal flame oil burner brings comfort when you need a little boost of love.

Still don’t know what to do with your cat’s ashes?

We’re a very friendly and experienced team here at My Pet’s Ashes and will happily speak to you about your unique requirements and suggest something that is suitable. Call us on 01626 798198 or email us at hello@mypetsashes.co.uk. From Diamonds to Rainbow Bridge Ceremonies, we’re here to help.


Karen xxx


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