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Urn Sizes for your dog’s breed

Best size urn for your dog's breed

Best size urn for your dog's breed

Choosing the right urn for your dog’s ashes can be confusing. You don’t want it to be too small or too big. Our guide lists the main dog breeds by their size and by what size urn you should select.

Our Scatter Tubes are great value and will keep your dog’s ashes safe until you decide what to do with them.

You can choose a large tube for dog breeds such as a German Shepard dog to a small for a terrier.

We deliver next day to your home or a location of your choice – your vet or your pet crematorium.

Rainbow Paw Scatterpod
Rainbow Bridge Pet Urn

If you want to keep your dog’s ashes at home our urns come in a range of sizes suitable for your dog’s breed.

From Great Danes to Cavapoos, we have beautiful urns that will fit all their ashes.

Ceramic urns, metal urms, wooden urns. We have dog urns to suit your dog and your home

Our garden urns are perfect for all dog breeds and many of them will also hold more than one dog’s ashes.

Outdoor Pet Urn - The Petal™

Our silver memorial pendants and charms are very popular. Each one comes in a beautiful presentation box with a sealing kit and full instructions.

Glass keepsakes for your dog’s ashes are a wonderful way to have the perfect reminder every day. Our glassmaker will fuse your dog’s ashes into an oil burner, paperweight, ocean wave or candleholder. Handmade here in Devon. Totally unique. Totally your dog dog. Totally priceless.

Eternal Flame candle oil burner

Urn Size by Dog Breed

Dog BreedSizeWeight llbsWeight kgsPet Urn Size
Afghan HoundLargeWeight: 50-60 lbs23-27kgMedium
Airedale TerrierLargeWeight: 50-70 lbs23-32kgMedium
Alaskan Klee KaiSmallSmall
Alaskan MalamuteLargeWeight: 75-80 lbs34-36kgLarge
American Eskimo DogMediumWeight: 25–35 lbs11-16kgMedium
American Staffordshire TerrierLargeWeight: 40-70 lbs18-32kgMedium
Australian Cattle DogMediumWeight: 35–50 lbs16-23kgMedium
Australian ShepherdLargeWeight: 40-70 lbs18-32kgMedium
Basset HoundLargeWeight: 40–65 lbs18-29kgMedium
Bearded CollieLargeWeight: 45–55 lbs20-25kgMedium
Belgian MalinoisLargeWeight: 40–80 lbs18-36kgLarge
Belgian SheepdogLargeWeight: 45-75 lbs20-34kgMedium
Belgian TervurenLargeWeight: 45-75 lbs20-34kgMedium
Bernese Mountain DogLargeWeight: 70-115 lbs32-115kgLarge
Bichon FriseSmallSmall
Border CollieMediumWeight: 30–55 lbs13-25kgMedium
Border TerrierSmallSmall
BorzoiLargeWeight: 60-105 lbs27-48kgLarge
Boston TerrierSmallSmall
BoxerLargeWeight: 50–80 lbs23-36kgLarge
Boykin SpanielMediumWeight: 25–40 lbs11-18kgMedium
BrittanyMediumWeight: 30–40 lbs13-18kgMedium
Brussels GriffonSmallSmall
Bull TerrierLargeWeight: 50-70 lbs23-32kgMedium
BulldogMediumWeight: 40–50 lbs18-23kgMedium
Cairn TerrierSmallSmall
Cavalier King Charles SpanielSmallSmall
Chesapeake Bay RetrieverLargeWeight: 55-80 lbs25-36kgLarge
Chinese Shar-PeiLargeWeight: 45–60 lbs20-29kgMedium
ChinookLargeWeight: 50-90 lbs23-41kgLarge
Chow ChowLargeWeight: 45–70 lbs20-32kgMedium
Cocker SpanielMediumWeight: 20–30 lbs9-13kgMedium
CollieLargeWeight: 50–75 lbs23-34kgMedium
Curly-Coated RetrieverLargeWeight: 60-95 lbs27-43kgLarge
DalmatianLargeWeight: 45-70 lbs20-32kgMedium
DalmatianLargeWeight: 45–70 lbs20-32kgMedium
Doberman PinscherLargeWeight: 60-100 lbs27-45kgLarge
English Cocker SpanielSmallSmall
English FoxhoundLargeWeight: 60–75 lbs27-34kgMedium
English SetterLargeWeight: 45-80 lbs20-36kgLarge
English Springer SpanielMediumWeight: 40–50 lbs18-23kgMedium
Finnish SpitzMediumWeight: 20–35 lbs9-16kgMedium
Flat-Coated RetrieverLargeWeight: 60-70 lbs27-32kgMedium
French BulldogSmallSmall
German ShepherdLargeWeight: 50-90 lbs23-41kgLarge
German Shorthaired PointerLargeWeight: 45-70 lbs20-32kgMedium
German Wirehaired PointerLargeWeight: 50-70 lbs23-32kgMedium
Giant SchnauzerLargeWeight: 55-85 lbs25-39kgLarge
Golden RetrieverLargeWeight: 55-75 lbs25-34kgMedium
Gordon SetterLargeWeight: 45-80 lbs20-36kgLarge
GreyhoundLargeWeight: 60-70 lbs27-32kgMedium
HovawartLargeWeight: 65-90 lbs29-41kgLarge
Irish SetterLargeWeight: 60-70 lbs27-32kgMedium
Irish Water SpanielLargeWeight: 45–70 lbs20-32kgMedium
Italian GreyhoundSmallSmall
Jack Russell TerrierSmallSmall
Japanese ChinSmallSmall
KeeshondMediumWeight: 35–45 lbs16-20kgMedium
KomondorLargeWeight: 80-100 lbs36-45kgLarge
Labrador RetrieverLargeWeight: 55-80 lbs25-36kgLarge
Lhasa ApsoSmallSmall
Miniature PinscherSmallSmall
Miniature PoodleSmallSmall
Miniature SchnauzerSmallSmall
Norwegian ElkhoundLargeWeight: 45–55 lbs20-25kgMedium
Norwich TerrierSmallSmall
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling RetrieverMediumWeight: 35–50 lbs16-23kgMedium
Old English SheepdogLargeWeight: 60-100 lbs27-45kgLarge
Pembroke Welsh CorgiSmallSmall
Pitbull TerrierLargeWeight: 30-80 lbs13-36kgLarge
PoodleLargeWeight: 40-75 lbs18-34kgMedium
Portuguese PodengoMediumWeight: 35–65 lbs16-29kgMedium
Portuguese Water DogMediumWeight: 35–60 lbs16-27kgMedium
Pyrenean ShepherdMediumWeight: 15–30 lbs7-13kgMedium
Rat TerrierSmallSmall
Rhodesian RidgebackLargeWeight: 70-85 lbs32-39kgLarge
Russian Tsvetnaya BolonkaSmallSmall
SalukiLargeWeight: 40-60 lbs18-27kgMedium
SamoyedLargeWeight: 35-65 lbs16-29kgMedium
Scottish TerrierSmallSmall
Shetland SheepdogMediumWeight: 15–25 lbs7-11kgMedium
Shiba InuSmallSmall
Shih TzuSmallSmall
Siberian HuskyLargeWeight: 35-60 lbs16-27kgMedium
Silky TerrierSmallSmall
Smooth Fox TerrierSmallSmall
Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierMediumWeight: 30–40 lbs13-18kgMedium
Standard SchnauzerMediumWeight: 30–50 lbs13-23kgMedium
VizslaLargeWeight: 45–60 lbs20-29kgMedium
WeimaranerLargeWeight: 55-90 lbs25-41kgLarge
Welsh Springer SpanielMediumWeight: 35–55 lbs16-25kgMedium
West Highland White TerrierSmallSmall
WhippetMediumWeight: 25–40 lbs11-18kgMedium
Wire Fox TerrierSmallSmall
Yorkshire TerrierSmallSmall

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