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Pet Ashes Jewellery

Pet Ashes Jewellery

Pet Ashes Jewellery. Transform your pet ashes into a stunning piece of memorial jewellery. Keep the bond by wearing your pet ashes jewellery every day or when you need to feel their love.

Best Pet Ashes Jewellery

What is the best pet memorial jewellery for my pet’s ashes? When choosing your jewellery it’s worthwhile thinking about the following things:

Do I want the jeweller to put my pet ashes into jewellery or do it myself?

Our jewellers can put a small amount of your pet’s ashes into jewellery for you.

You can have your pet ashes sealed within a silver or gold design. Examples of this is our Jensen Style Ring or Leather Bracelet with Cylinder.

Your pet’s ashes can be fused within glass. Our glass jewelers use glass rods to build up colour and incorporate a small amount of ashes at each layer. Our Glass Charm Beads are very popular and will fit a standard Pandora bracelet. We also do them with super cute pawprints. Penny Carter is a fantastic glass jeweller and makes these gorgeous bead necklaces and bracelets exclusively for us.

Pet ashes can also be sealed inside enamel. Our birthstone range uses enamel and we can include lots of lovely eco-glitter to give it a real sparkle or you can choose a matt finish, you can see examples of our Teardrop Ring here.

Do I want to see my pet’s ashes?

Some people want to see their pet’s ashes and some don’t. It’s about 50/50 with our customers. Neither option is wrong. It’s just a preference.

We recommend choosing a lighter coloured glass or enamel so that the ashes can be seen when you hold your jewellery to the light. The jeweller will try to get as much of your pet’s ashes into the piece but they are as unique as your pet and sometimes they show up really well and other times they don’t. Each piece of handmade jewellery comes with a certificate signed by the jeweller so that you can be sure that your pet’s ashes are inside.

If you don’t want to see the ashes then choosing a darker colour or one of the silver or gold designs is a good idea. They are wonderfully discreet and then it is up to you whether you tell anyone what’s inside. Many designs can also be engraved.

How does pet ashes jewellery work?

If you choose one of our silver pendants or charms with a sealing kit then we will send you your jewellery next working day as long as the item is in stock. If the item is not in stock we will email you with delivery times, alternative options or offer you a full refund.

Each item comes in a beautiful presentation box with a sealing kit and full instructions. You can add an engraving for a small additional charge and gift wrapping. Please note some designs such as the etched cylinder cannot be engraved due to the exterior patterning.

If you choose and ashes into glass or enamel piece then we will send you a pack that has everything you need to send your pet’s ashes securely to us. We will email you confirmation as soon as they arrive. We will give these to the relevant artist/jeweller who will then hand make your deign in silver or gold depending on what you have chosen.

As soon as your piece is ready we package it beautifully and send it next day by our courier. You will receive an email so that you can alter any details or change the delivery day.

The time it takes to make different designs varies so please see the individual item for more accurate delivery times. Please let us know if your order is urgent and we will do our best to speed up the process although this is not always possible with handmade items.

Will a piece of pet memorial jewellery suit my lifestyle?

Choose a design that will suit your lifestyle. Are you a keen swimmer? We do recommend taking the jewellery off before swimming but this is standard for any jewellery, please see our caring for jewellery blog post. Having said that I wear my silver ashes ring every day and only take it off to clean occasionally whereas I wear one of the silver pawprint star pendants and take that off every night.

How you treat the jewellery will impact it’s longevity, any chain/clasp/charm can break even with normal use. We do use the highest quality fittings with all our jewellery as we know that our customers will want to wear their jewellery as often as possible.

Pet Ashes Jewellery

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