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Penny Carter Memorial Glass

Penny Carter Memorial Glass

Penny Carter Memorial Glass

We are totally thrilled, chuffed, delighted that…..Penny Carter is producing a Memorial Glass Collection exclusively for us!

Who is Penny Carter?

Penny Carter is an acclaimed glass maker who uses a traditional bead making technique but with a twist. She very cleverly builds up layers of colour until they pop. Penny is a long-time member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen – now known as MAKE Southwest. The entry criteria is incredibly strict but Penny passed with flying colours.

About Penny Carter

Penny is based in Noss Mayo in South Devon. Noss mayo is a beautiful hidden gem of a village by the coast and nestled in the Yealm Estuary. Penny is inspired by her coastal location, the colours of the boats reflected on the water is present throughout her pieces.

“Glass carried and reflects colour so well. By overlaying deep opaque and intensely translucent coloured glass I can paint with hot glass creating my personal colour palette” Penny Carter.

Penny Carter’s Glass Collection for My Pet’s Ashes

We persuaded Penny to create a memorial glass collection for us because we love her bright and colourful glassware. She thinks that some of her work has an almost Alice in Wonderland feel to it.

So she is making a memorial glass bracelet, a necklace, some candle holders and fabulous garden stems. Each one will have a small amount of your beloved pet’s ashes infused within the piece making it even more personal and incredibly special.

To see our Penny Carter Memorial Glass Collection click on this link.

Made in Devon

We are proud to live where we live, and where we live are lots of incredibly talented makers. We have award-winning Ceramicists, Glassmakers, Jewellers, Carpenters, Wood-turners, Potters, Mosaic makers, Sculptors. It’s sometimes hard to believe that so many skilled artists are clustered right here in the South West and many of them in Devon.

Why deciding to have a handmade memorial piece is a great decision;

  1. You will get a unique work of art that will become priceless the moment your pet’s ashes are in it. That ring or ceramic urn will suddenly be one of the items that is most precious to you.
  2. Your pet will get the resting place they deserve.
  3. You may not want to tell people that your ashes are inside but you will want to tell them that you are the proud owner of a Penny Carter bracelet and that you support the skills that these artists have taken years to perfect.



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