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Archie’s Walking Stick

walking stick - my pets ashes

Archie’s Walking Stick

A walking stick for my pets ashes. We were contacted recently by a lovely gentleman who wanted us to make him something rather special. His gorgeous dog Archie was really ill and didn’t have very long as he was suffering from laryngeal paralysis.  He was a keen hill walker and wanted us to make him a walking stick using some of Archie’s ashes in the topper. We make quite a few walking sticks so that wasn’t a problem, but then the gentleman said that he needed to be able to take it with him when he emigrated to Australia and it would need to be unscrewed so it would fit in his luggage.

Bespoke items

We have been working with customers for over 7 years and will always try our very best to find the perfect memorial for our customers. So we spoke to our brilliant walking stick man and then we spoke to our fantastic carpenter and then we talked to our talented glassmaker and between us we were able to design and create a ‘travelling walking stick’. And we think it’s rather good.

It took a little while and like all bespoke handcrafted memorial pieces there was a little of to-ing and froing, but that process can actually be very cathartic. And we would like to thank Ian and Archie for designing something that we think others might also like and need! Happy walking.

If you would like to have a some of your beloved pets ashes turned into a memorial walking stick just click here for more information. We work with a local glass maker here in Devon to infuse your pet’s ashes into a gorgeous glass topper which is then fitted to a walking stick of your choice, all the sticks are collected from local Devon trees.

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